Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1st project....and friends

Yesterday Nick and Rob started cutting wood for our stairs. We went back to Jaco for some more errands. Didn't get bikes, but we did get an American washing machine, an A/C for our upstairs room, a new 4 burner range for the outdoor kitchen and a pressure cooker. Hopefully we will get bikes today. Yesterday afternoon we went back to Tulin (Nick corrected my spelling of it) to get more wood. Dina, Dennis, Dakota and a guest (Chris) came with us. We got more wood for the stairs, and more wood for the outdoor hang-out area. Nick and Rob also got us some fresh coconuts, yum! :)
Some of the driftwood we collected

Cutting the stairs from driftwood

Finished Stairs

Animal Update:
We have adopted a kitten. The mama cat has lived here for about a year, and she had 3 kittens. Garfield (Dakota named him) is going to a local across the street for his daughter. Angel is going to our monthly couple, and we are keeping Ninjetti (Nick and Rob named her).
 This is Ninjetti!
 Ninjetti climbing a tree
 My little boy is so cute! He was watching his daddy cut the wood!
Black squirrel that lives on the property! He was about a foot away from me....he wanted food!

Nick, Rob and Dennis went jet skiing again this morning to do tow-ins. It is cloudy today so far, so I haven't been to the beach.

 Front of the Cabinas
View from #9....yes that's the ocean!


  1. Wow looks awesome! Glad you guys are doing well thus far! Enjoy every second of it!

  2. Ninjetti?! How did they come up with that?

  3. Hey!!! I'm sooo glad ya'll started a blog. Candace just told me. Can't wait to follow ya'll. Hope ya'll are doing well. :)

  4. Thanks Traci! Holly, they wanted to name her Ninja, but she is a girl...hence, Ninjetti. Stacy thanks for following us, hope the twins are doing well!