Friday, July 6, 2012

Taking the Leap

On a warm, sunny day in April of 2012 in a small Costa Rican lawyer's office with no air conditioning, we made a huge, life changing decision. Nick and I, along with our friend Rob, signed a three year lease to manage a surf hostel in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica. The start date is July 15th. Hopefully this will answer all of your questions.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Nick and I have always loved to travel. Between the two of us we have traveled all over the world, and many of our trips have been together. We have been to Costa Rica several times and have always loved it. Last summer we spent half of June and all of July traveling through Central America. I think it was then that we really realized how this way of life made us feel, and we yearned to keep that feeling. Ever since then we have been looking for a way to move there. The opportunity to run Cabinas Brisa Del Mar was the answer. It just so happened that our friend Rob was looking for a way to live the Pura Vida as he became our partner.

Q: How did this come about?
A: Well, Nick and I have actually stayed at Brisa Del Mar several times. We have always loved the area, the people, the scenery, the food, the waves...basically...everything about the place! Nick got to know the owners several years ago, and just on a whim emailed Dennis to see if he needed anyone to run the place. Months went by and we heard nothing. We had actually looked at other avenues on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and even in Panama. Then, out of the blue, Dennis emailed Nick and it all went from there. Nick, Rob and I went to Hermosa and stayed in the Cabinas over spring break and made everything official.

Q: What part of Costa Rica are you moving to?
A: We will be living about 50 yards from the beach in Playa Hermosa de Jaco. It is about 1 hour from San Jose.

Q: What exactly will you be doing there? Are you just going to be surf/beach bums?
A: We WILL be working. We actually have a lot to do! We are taking over a business and will be handling all of the day to day business details. When we first arrive on July 11th we need to clean the place up. It needs some TLC that it hasn't gotten in the past few years: landscaping, paint, upgrades. And we will be busy working on the second story of our house, which is where Nick and I will stay. We have gotten rid of all of the previous employees, so we will be responsible for all of the maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, etc. All of this is of course made better by the fact that yes, we will be able to enjoy our surroundings too :).
After we get settled we have a lot of plans and ideas to add to the business: bike rentals, surf board repair, sales and rentals, crafts, snacks, laundry services, the possibilities are endless.

Q:What about your houses, cars, boats, etc?
A: Well, we are keeping our 3 houses in Wilmington. Our good friends Kyle, Evan and Dee are living in our house. Holly, my sister is living int he condo, and we have a tenant in our downtown house. Evan is going to be our property manager. As for the cars, boats, jet ski...they are all gone! It was very sad to see some of them go, but that is a choice we had to make.

Q: Are you taking your animals?
A: OF COURSE! Snickers and Tiger are coming with us! They will be flying under our seats on the plane and we have all of their paperwork taken care of. They will not have to be quarantined, thank God! Costa Rica is the only country that you do not have to quarantine the animals.

Q:Are you sad/excited/nervous?
A: Yes. We are all of the above. We are sad to leave our friends and family, but plan on seeing them in Costa Rica, and our visits back home. We are super excited for our new adventure and what will come of it. I am mainly nervous about getting down there....that is going to be a LONG day...and Ihope the animals do well!

Q: Can we come visit?
A: OF COURSE!!!  We have 11 rooms and 29 beds ready to accommodate you! All rooms have a/c, wifi, hot water and cable tv. But I guarantee you will not want to stay in your room much once you see the area!

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